Ecotourism at Nuraksa Forest Park Area of West Lombok - Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the destination countries of ecotourism, and Lombok Island of Indonesia become one of the best places to visit. This study aims to: (1) Determine the potential of ecotourism development at Nuraksa Forest Park (NFP) area of West Lombok - Indonesia; (2) Obtain the government policy formulation concepts in the management of ecotourism at NFP; (3) Understand ecotourism development model at NFP; and (4) Understand community’s attitude towards ecotourism development at NFP. The study was conducted at West Lombok in 2016. Qualitative method was used during the study, while data were collected by observation, in-depth interviews, documentation, focus group discussion, and triangulation. Data were analyzed based on Miles and Huberman model as well as analysis of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Results showed that: (1) NFP is a potential area to be developed as ecotourism area; (2) Development of ecotourism should be harmonized with the social and economic conditions of the community and does not conflict with government conservation project; (3) Agrosylvo tourism (ecotourism) model at NFP is a model of participation-partnership between government and community; and (4) Most people (86.67%) in the surrounding area were agree and support the development of NFP as ecotourism area.


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