Local Wisdom on Garlic Cultivation in Sembalun Highland of Lombok Island - Indonesia

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Published: Monday, 21 January 2019 09:48
Written by Mardiana, S K Utami, B N Hidayah, M S Mokhtar
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Sembalun Highland in Lombok Island is well known as garlic production area in Indonesia which produced 45% of Indonesian garlic since 1980s until recently. In 1980s, garlic productivity reached 35-40 tons/hectare. Currently, with the full of chemical (fertilizers and pesticides) inputs, productivity ranged between 15 to 20 tons/hectare. This paper aims to investigate the local wisdom of Sembalun community in cultivating garlic during that golden era which leads to obtaining high yields from the beginning of garlic cultivation until the 1990s. The paper was prepared through a study conducted in Sembalun Highland from January to July 2018. Data and information were collected through in-depth interviews with several community leaders as historical actors. The results indicated that the successful garlic cultivation from the very early period in Sembalun Highland due to application of some local wisdom such as: 1) special selection and treatment of garlic seeds before planting; 2) excellent tillage application; 3) proper sowing time; and 4) special postharvest handling. By investigating these local wisdom, it is hope that there were some lesson learn gained in order to improve current farming practices.

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