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Mapping Of Fascioliasis On Bali Cattle In Lombok PDF Cetak E-mail
Oleh Luh Gde Sri Astiti dan T. Panjaitan   

The objective of this study was to map the prevalence of fascioliasis on Bali cattle raised under village system in Lombok island of West Nusa Tenggara Province. The study was conducted between April and November 2011. Faecal samples from 950 heads of adult (2 – 10 years old) male and female cattle were collected from 53 subdistricts of the five districts in Lombok. Sedimentation technique was performed to detect eggs of liver fluke in the faeces. Results indicated that prevalence of liver fluke was 52.78% across Lombok and 2 out of 53 subdistricts have no liver fluke infection in sampled cattle. The highest prevalence of liver fluke recorded in Batu Kliang and Batu Kliang Utara subdistrict (94.4%) of Central Lombok district with the level of infection of 94.4%. On the other hand, no liver fluke infection was found at Bayan and Pemenang subdistricts of North Lombok district. Difference in level of liver fluke infection is very likely due to different agroecological zone. Subdistrict of Batu Kliang represents wetland area while Bayan subdistrict represents dryland area. Different sources of feed may determine the level of liver fluke infection.

Key words: Fascioliasis, Bali Cattle, Lombok, Prevalence

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