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Simulation of water management practices during rice growth in a tropical lowland rice-based farming systems using APSIM PDF Cetak E-mail
Oleh Suriadi A, Abawi YG, Misra RK, Gaydon D   

Rice is one of the biggest users of the world‘s freshwater resources because it is mostly grown under flooded or submerged condition. However, water is becoming increasingly scarce raising concerns over the sustainability of irrigated agriculture. Many rainfed areas are already drought-prone under present climatic conditions and are likely to experience more intense and more frequent drought events in the future due to climate change. Defining strategies for the planning and management of water resources in the agricultural sector has become a national and global priority. Increased efficiency in the use of water is essential for future food security in Asia where rice production needs to increase by 70% above the present amount by the year 2025 to meet demand (Tuong and Bhuiyan, 1999). Therefore, efforts to reduce water use, while keeping a high level of yield, are of great significance in the rice-based cropping systems. Modelling is an important and effective tool for explicitly describing the relationships among the components of complex systems. Modelling provides insight into relevant processes and their interactions, and can be applied to study effects of crop management, and to explore possible consequences of management modifications. In this paper, we evaluate the APSIM model under water-limited conditions of alternately submerged and non-submerged (ASNS), and under the non water-limited condition of continuously submerged (CS) management using four rice seasons during two years (2007-2009) of field experiments in irrigated farming systems in eastern Indonesia.

Keywords: continuously submerged (CS), alternately submerged and non-submerged (ASNS), APSIM-Oryza

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