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Penggunaan Indeks Osilasi Selatan Untuk Memprakirakan Sifat Hujan Musiman Guna Menentukan Strategi Tanam di Lahan Tadah Hujan di Pulau Lombok PDF Cetak E-mail
Oleh Yasin, I., Ma’shum, M., Abawi, Y. & Hadiawati, L   

El Nino Southern Oscillation had significant impact on agriculture in Lombok. Its strong impact able to observed from long dry season and drought in Lombok. El Nino 1997/1998 cause 8.400 ha rice field was drought and around 2.000 had damaged (BPTPH, 1999). Nevertheless, ENSO information for predicting rainfall and arranging crop pattern are still rarely. This paper discribe relationship bentween ENSO and rainfall, and how to use the information to predict the beginning of rainy season, arrage crop patern and select commodity for rainfed pddy field to avoid drought. The last part of this paper demonstrated how to predict begin of planting season and rainfall in planting season 2002/2003 using Flowcast in Lombok. This demonstration were expected to be consideration to determine beginning of rainy season and comodity to cultivate in rainfed paddy field, so that water availability could be available as plant requirment.

Key words: ENSO, planting strategy, rainfed land





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