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Pengkayaan Kandungan Hara Nitrogen (N) di dalam Pupuk Kandang dengan Urine Sapi PDF Cetak E-mail
Oleh Hadiawati, L   

Most of nitrogen (N) lost during composting period, that make the manure poor on nutrient for plant growth. The aim of this research was to increase N on manure, that called “nutrriet enrichment’ by adding the unire of these animal. Result of this research would make the manure more efficient and effective as source of soil organic matter. On future prospect of this reseach would make animal manure more economic and valuable. At this preliminary research found that adding 30 ml urine on 10 gram manure was increasing amount of N-total on manure about 37.62%. On 28 days incubation treatment found that moisture of manure and N-total were stabel, and on the other hand amount of ammonium, nitrat and pH on manure were significantly different. There was a strong relation between pH and N transformation on incubation period. The highest pH nuber about 9.59 (day 14) was followed by the lowest condition of Nitrate (0.016%), while the lowest pH number at 9.17 (day 7) was followes by the highest ammonium (0.17%)

Key words: Animal urine, N-enrichment, manure





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