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Farmers Initiated Learning on Improving Strategies for Controlling Potato Late Blight Disease Phytophthora sp. In Sembalum Highland Indonesia PDF Cetak E-mail
Oleh Hidayah, B.N., Sudjudi, Hadiawati, L., Kumoro, K., Sudjatmiko, D.P., Dawson, P., Hill, T., Warren, J.M.   

Potato production in Sembalun highlands – Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Province of Indonesia occurs in the Rinjani Valley 1,050 – 1,250 m above sea level. Farmers grow the Atlantic variety for a crisp processing company. One of the main constraints

of growing potato in the tropical conditions are optimum development of pests and diseases of potato crops, especially potato late blight (PLB) disease. Over-application of potato late blight disease (PLB) fungicides is common practice in farmers level. This research aimed to help farmers develop and put into use a less costly potato late blight controlling technique that will significantly reduce the cost of fungicides and less impact for the environment. Another aim was to see whether the farmers could undertake a simple but rigorous experiments appropriate for on-farm testing of new management technique. This is important because potatoes are a new crop in NTB and specific management suited to local conditions has not yet been developed. The research was conducted at five

farmers’ fields and involving five Farmer Field School (FFS) groups. Each treatment was replicated five times by having five different farmer groups repeat the same experimental design in their fields. The replication meant that the results could be statistically analysed. We called the technique where FFS groups cooperate to plan and undertake simple but rigorous experiments Farmer Initiated Learning (FIL). The results of improved PLB management technique such as yield was significantly higher (19.47 t/ha) compared to farmers existing practices (17.97 t/ha), Percentage of plants infected by PLB was significantly lower (10%) compared to farmers existing practices (17%) and gross margin was significantly higher for the improved management techniques which is Rp. 4.04 million/ha higher than existing practices.

KeywordsFarmer initiated learning, potato late blight, Sembalun Highland





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