KWT 'Koloh Petung Timuk' Visit To M-KRPL Location Assisted By BPTP NTB

As many as 16 members of Women Farmers Group (KWT) "Koloh Petung Timuk" Lenek Pesiraman village, Aikmel, East Lombok district, accompanied by PPL Lenek Pesiraman (A Yusra Manaf, A. Md.) visited to M-KRPL BPTP NTB location, Tuesday (23/07/2013). The visit aims to carry out a comparative study and learn about the activities of M-KRPL assisted by BPTP NTB. This activity was accompanied by M-KRPL BPTP NTB team. M-KRPL locations visited were in the Karangsidemen village Batukliang, Central Lombok district. They were welcomed by chairman of farmer groups, Nurifansyah. Then they were invited to saw the garden plants and the location of the Village Nursery (KBD). They were also held discussions about the use of yard and technology provided by BPTP NTB to developing M-KRPL.

 They were continued the visit to the M-KRPL KWT "Bersatu" Mandalika village, Sandubaya, Mataram. At this location the delegation was welcomed by the chairman (Isa Usnadi) and members of KWT “Bersatu”, and PPL of Mandalika village (Theodora Junita, SP). They were invited to visit the location of the Village Nursery (KBD) and gardens managed by members. At the location they were asked about the strategy adopted by the KWT to manage the garden and KBD so the cooperation within the group can be improved.

The resource said that they were implemented  the picket schedule systems to caring their garden, then the proceeds saved in group cash to used by the group to meet their needs such as seeds, fertilizers, etc, By implementation of the system expected their sense possess of the garden and KBD, as well as their responsibilities to the M-KRPL activity maintained. Further added that some time ago the KBD, gardens and house of M-KRPL BPTP NTB members visited by Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Suswono. From the visits, their spirit to develop M-KRPL increased.

Visits continued to the housing of Infantry Battalion 746/SWY in Mataram. In addition implemented at all of District/City in NTB province, M-KRPL activities also carried out together government agencies, one of them is Korem162/WB. The group had the opportunity to saw the plants and the procedures utilization of the yard.

By these activities, hopefully they are able to gain knowledge and inspiration about yard utilization with different models, so that they can implement the desired model in accordance with their resources and can implement it in their respective places. (Source: Eni Fidiyawati and Farida Sukmawati; Translated by Fitrahtunnisa).



Comparative Study Of KWT Kenanga To The M-KRPL Locations

As much as 20 members of KWT "Kenanga" Dasan Tereng village, Narmada conducted a comparative study about utilization of yard at M-KRPL locations assisted by BPTP NTB, Monday (07/22/2013). The group accompanied by PPL of Dasan Tereng, Uun, SP and BPTP NTB team led by Ir. Ahmad Muzani. The first time visited is the M-KRPL located at Karangsidemen village, North Batukliang district. The informant at the location is chairman of the farmers group, Nurifansyah. The comparative study participants asked many questions about the various plants such as strawberry, water spinach, mint, melon, eggplant and peppers. M-KRPL highly developed at that location. M-KRPL in Karangsidemen village is the first location of the M-KRPL activities that assisted by BPTP NTB. The resource also explained about the benefits of M-KRPL activities, including: to meet the food and nutrition needs of the family, the income from the sold plants, and increased knowledge about the new technologies of the cultivation of horticultural c

Furthermore, the participants continued to the second location in KWT "Bersatu" Mandalika village Sandubaya district, Mataram. Resource at this location is chairman of the KWT, Mrs. Isa Usnadi. The group invited to view the location of village nursery (KBD) which is managed jointly by the members. At these location the participants obsereve the plants grown as long purple eggplant, long green eggplant, water spinach, big and small peppers, mustard greens, bitter melon, etc. He also explained about the results obtained from the garden jointly managed. In addition to meet the vegetable needs of members, the profit from the sold vegetables input to the group cash. Furthermore described that the KWT newly formed about 1 year, and the M-KRPL just formed 3 months but the benefits are very large.

The next location visited is M-KRPL in Army complex, Mataram. At this location they were go around to the housing officers at the main street of Mataram city, one of which the house of Let. Colonel Inf. Dono Indarto (head of section Military Personnel 162/WB). Participants saw the collection of yard plants arranged in polythene bags such as cabbage, peppers, tomatoes etc.. In addition they also observed fruiting vines such as: squash, long beans, and cucumbers. They also saw a semi-permanent pools from tarpaulin. In addition to a collection of vegetable crops, he also collect a variety of ornamental plants such as: tuberose, frangipani, palm etc. Participants asked many questions about how to care the plants and where is the seed can be obtained. Ir. Muzani as responsible mentoring of M-KRPL explained that the seeds or seedlings for stage I (as initiation) can be obtained from BPTP NTB, but for further the public should be able to produce their own seeds with the guidance from M-KRPL BPTP NTB team or buy their own seeds. (Source: Eni Fidiyawati and Farida Sukmawati; Translated by Fitrahtunnisa)


Minister Of Agriculture Visits To M-KRPL OF KWT “Bersatu” Mandalika, Mataram

Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ir. Suswono, visited Lombok in order to attend National Cooperatives Day 66th held in yard of NTB governor's office and attended by the President Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Ani Yudhoyono and several ministers of cabinet “Bersatu” II, Friday (07/12/2013). At the event, the Minister of Agriculture also visited the location of Sustainable Food Houses Region Model (m-KRPL) conducted by Women Farmers Group (KWT) “Bersatu” Dasan Lekong - Mandalika, Sandubaya district, Mataram. The arrival of the Minister of Agriculture that very abrupt welcomed by members of KWT “Bersatu”. Also welcomed the presence of the Minister of Agriculture were the head of Sandubaya district, head of Mandalika village, Babinsa, PPL and the responsible of m-KRPL. The Minister of Agriculture fill out and sign the guest book proffered by the administrators of KWT “Bersatu”.

The head of the Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) NTB as an adviser of m-KRPL NTB explained to the Minister of Agriculture that the m-KRPL of KWT “Bersatu” is one of the 16 m-KRPL in NTB that was built in 2013. They were spread in 10 districts/city in NTB. KWT Bersatu with 30 heads of household receive guidance from BPTP NTB to develop m-KRPL. Altough just running 3 months but it has many benefits. Chairman of KWT Bersatu, Isa Usnadi, explained that the technology from BPTP NTB has brought benefits for members of the KWT. In a relatively short time, KWT members have been able to produce a variety of vegetables both in the yard and in the nursery area. Harvested vegetables were cabbage, water spinach, peppers, cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes and eggplant. In addition consumed by their self, some of vegetables also sold in the market and the profit was kept as the group cash.

On the occasion, the Minister of Agriculture was pleased to harvest the long purple eggplant in village nursery, witnessed by chief of SKPD in agricultural scope NTB province, head of Sandubaya district, Babinsa and head of Mandalika village. While harvest, the Minister of Agriculture also gives directive to all households to optimally utilize their yard with variety of vegetables and livestocks to meet their daily needs. This M-KRPL must be a better model that can be developed to other places.

From the village nursery area, the Minister of Agriculture and his entourage review the activities undertaken in the yard of each member of the group. While browsing the yard of KWT members, he stated : "If motherhoods plant chili in the yard, they do not have to buy chili and the price certainly will not be as expensive now". Currently, the price of chili in the traditional market Mandalika has reached Rp. 60.000 - Rp. 80,000 per kg and it was very influential on household spending. (Source: Moh. Nazam; Translated by Fitrahtunnisa)



Celebration Of Agriculture Krida Day 41st In West Nusa Tenggara Province

"With Spirit of the Agriculture Krida Day Lets Improve Our Commitment to Protect and Empower Farmers", that's the theme of Agriculture Krida Day 41st of NTB Province. Located in the Central Seeds Institute of Rice, Crops and Horticulture (BBI-PPH) NTB in Paninjauan street, Narmada - West Lombok, the peak of Agriculture Krida Day celebrations carried on Thursday (04/7/2013). The event was attended by the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Dr. TGH. M. Zainul Majdi, MA, related Department, extension workers, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, chairman of farmer groups, privates and public.

The opening ceremony started with the recitation of Holy Al-Qur’an, singing Indonesia Raya followed by all participants, and then explaining about the meaning and purpose of Agriculture Krida Day by chairman of KTNA NTB, M Sabri. The event followed by reports of chairman of the committee from Food Security Agency NTB, Ir. Husnanidiaty Nurdin, MM. In the speech he explained the meaning of Agriculture Krida Day namely to preserve indigenous culture in carrying out agricultural activities. This event was aimed to improve the spirit of agrarian culture to the community so that the agricultural activities being one of the pride of all parties in an effort to build up the National economy. The event was followed by the delivery of aids and prizes.

On the occasion Governor NTB, Dr. TGH. M. Zainul Majdi, MA, in his speech reminded to all of agricultural stakeholders to fight the farmers' welfare, which is one of four national agricultural development goals. The Agricultural Krida Day celebration would not be meaningful if only talk about the food security area without giving the welfare for the farmers. Governor advised to work with trustworthy and genuine. Further, he said that the agricultural sector is an important sector in improving the community productivity. About 40% NTB society work in the agricultural sector. After prayer and closing, held a discussion guided by the head of Bakorluh NTB. Ir. H. Mashur., MS. At the end of the event, NTB Governor and related agencies looked the exhibitions and bazaars.

There are several activities including exhibition of agricultural products at the main event. BPTP NTB displays the processed agricultural products of Women Farmers Group (KWT) assisted by BPTP NTB as a results of post-harvest processing, a high-yielding rice varieties (Inpari 7, 10, 18, 19, 21), KUB chicken, side grafting technology of cocoa, and reading material (liptan, brochures, newsletters, etc.), while other related departments display material in accordance with fields respectively. (Source: Farida Sukmawati M; Translated by : Fitrahtunnisa


Field Trip Student of Padjajaran University Bandung to the Farmers Group Assisted by UPBS BPTP NTB

Students of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padjadjaran Bandung with UPBS BPTP NTB’s team conducting field trip on Wednesday (03/7/2013) to a farmers group which is the assisted farmers of UPBS BPTP NTB. These comparative study in order to see the technological innovations that have been adopted by farmers in Lombok island. The first location visited was gapoktan “Bismillah” which is a rice field with technical irrigation in the village Puyung – Jonggat, Central Lombok district.

The activities starting with explanation about cultivation techniques commonly applied by the chairman of farmers group “Bismillah”, H. Saupi, ranging from land preparation to harvest. It was forwarded to view several varieties of rice and interspersed with discussions between farmers and students.

The activity continued to the Mertak Jati gapoktan, Tanah Rarang village, West Praya, Central Lombok which is the rain-fed rice fields. The cultivation techniques delivered by the chairman of farmer group Mertak Jati, Kamaruddin, and then forwarded by view the condition of the existing planting around the site. It was also interspersed with discussion between farmers and students. Field trip activities run smoothly. Before the activity closed, there is discussion between students and UPBS BPTP NTB’s team. (Source: Yuliana Susanti; Translated by Fitrahtunnisa)


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